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New bikes for kids in partnership with Intuit

Intuit and Affect partnered to provide new bikes to kids before the start of the school year. Read more and view pictures from the link below. 

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Affect's Silent Auction and Gala Event

Affect Inc hosted its Annual Silent Auction and Gala to raise money for those in need and Mary Browning from AXS was there to capture it all. 

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PEAR - Positive Encouragement Academic Reinforcement

Dedicated to supporting children whose parent(s) is/are incarcerated, the program pairs the children with mentors to provide the following:

Positive Role Models – Partnering with teachers and business, academic, legal, and law enforcement professionals who serve as mentors. Our mentors are people who the participants can look up to and relate with to help them understand that there are options in life.

Encouragement for Success – Providing encouragement through the mentoring relationship and also offering counseling when needed. The PEAR Program gives encouragement that the program participants need to succeed in school and in their daily lives.

Academic Support – Through our tutoring and summer camp initiatives, we are able to provide the participants with tutoring and other support needed to help them to be successful in school, academically providing them the tools needed to rise above their circumstances and achieve goals to give them different career opportunities.

Reinforcement of Good Values – Instilling in our program participants good values and reinforcing the fact that the choices they make, can impact on their future. We reinforce what it means to have good values and to create a greater understanding of right and wrong.

SAP – Summer Academic Program: Bridging the gap between school years, the program is a 4-week summer camp that provides the students with academic advisors, instructional learning, sports activities, and fun to help get the kids prepared to re-enter school in the Fall. The program typically takes place during the full month of July.

Future Plans:
Daycare Services: Pre-K education program and services to support program participants to ensure quality care of their children, while utilizing AFFECT, Inc. services.