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New bikes for kids in partnership with Intuit

Intuit and Affect partnered to provide new bikes to kids before the start of the school year. Read more and view pictures from the link below. 

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Affect's Silent Auction and Gala Event

Affect Inc hosted its Annual Silent Auction and Gala to raise money for those in need and Mary Browning from AXS was there to capture it all. 

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Affecting Change in the lives of Texans 

The organization is needed to help address issues that are impacting the community and to make positive changes to offer a better future for Texas.

We will focus on: 

Individuals in Need: There are several areas of need from unemployment, to housing and general counseling that will be necessary to make this endeavor successful. By establishing partnerships, providing resources, and providing counseling services, AFFECT, Inc. will be able to provide assistance to these individuals.

At-risk Youth: An estimated 9.2 million to 15.8 million children are considered “at-risk” in this country. They are at a crossroad in their lives, where one road leads to a successful transition to adulthood, while the other leads to dependency and negative long-term consequences. These youth are those who are more likely to become teenaged parents, use drugs or alcohol, school drop-outs, be unemployed, involved in gangs or violence and may be incarcerated or engaged in illegal activity. AFFECT, Inc. will have programs geared to reduce the likelihood that those “at-risk” will become one of these statistics. Additionally, if they have already encountered one or more of these behaviors; programs will be available to increase their possibilities for better employment opportunities.

Marriage and Pre-Married Couples: As indicated there are fewer marriages in this area, our objective is to help minimize the divorce rate by providing pre-marital counseling, counseling for marriages in trouble, and marriage enrichment programs to help strengthen the bonds of marriage.

Families: Communities today are made up of more single-parent homes and there appears to be a lack of support for keeping families whole. Providing family enrichment activities can help improve the family unit, thus helping to make more healthy communities.


 Ex-offenders: In a 15-State study, over two-thirds of released prisoners were rearrested within three years, which causes an enormous recidivism rate.4 In 2001, about 592,000 State prison inmates were released to the community after serving time in prison.5 Upon release from prison, without guidance, direction, training and assistance, they will have limited employment opportunities for becoming gainfully employed. Through partnerships and various programs we prepare individuals to seek and ultimately gain employment in an effort to help them refrain from turning back to a life of crime and improving the overall unemployment rate in the area. 


AFFECT, Inc. is formed as a non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors.


AFFECT, Inc. offers the following as an overview of all programs that the organization provides as a part of our core services. The holistic approach of our organization is as follows: