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New bikes for kids in partnership with Intuit

Intuit and Affect partnered to provide new bikes to kids before the start of the school year. Read more and view pictures from the link below. 

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Affect's Silent Auction and Gala Event

Affect Inc hosted its Annual Silent Auction and Gala to raise money for those in need and Mary Browning from AXS was there to capture it all. 

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About Us

The mission of the Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation of Texas is be the leader in affecting positive changes in the lives of those living in the Douglas Community in Plano, TX and surrounding areas. We empower and inspire members of the community by providing resources, consulting services, and training to continuously improve communities in Texas.

The Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation of Texas’s long term vision is a community where everyone’s basic needs are met. To accomplish this in the short term we will provide resources, consulting and training to empower the individuals, youth, married couples, and ex-offenders in our community. To make lasting long term community improvement, we will work to increase awareness of the issues facing vulnerable populations.

Core Values
In order to accomplish our mission, the Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation will base decisions and act according to our core values and beliefs:

Faith—Maintaining our Christian values, we are guided by our faith and will work to ensure all our actions are beyond reproach.

Accountability—Demonstrating accountability for all our actions, we hold ourselves accountable to God, our clients, the communities we service and the lives of all the children yet to be born in all the areas, in which our services will impact.

Creating a Future—Working toward a brighter future, we are committed to make the right decisions today to create positive changes for generations to come.

Community Approach—It takes a village to create positive changes. As such, we will partner with other organizations to meet as many needs in the community as possible.

Individual Empowerment—We will provide the resources and tools to create empowered individuals, who will make good choices to further enhance our communities.

Diversity—Serving everyone in the community, regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, background, and political affiliation. Everyone that we can help will be served to best of our ability.